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Related article: Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 18:32:45 -0800 (PST)
From: Ben
Subject: Family Traditions - Introducing my son to family traditions. (Part 3)When I got home, my son was already there waiting for
me. He was al excited for his next lesson, so he was
sitting on the TV room watching an action movie with
Jean Claude Van Damme."Hey kiddo, what's up?"
"Nothing Dad, I'm just waiting for you. You said you
had to teach me my next lesson, and that Uncle Rick
and Uncle Rod were little asian girls lolita visiting us today. When am I gonna
meet them, dad?
"Ok, ok, Mikey. Be patient. It's only 6 pm. They're
gonna arrive at 9 pm, so that leaves us alone for a
while. Let me tell some things about your uncles. What
are you watching kiddo?"
"A movie with Van Damme, Dad. I like to see him in his
movies, he's very strong and tough."
"Glad to hear that Mikey, that means you're gonna love
your uncles. They look very much like he does, just
that they are taller and they have a lot of body hair.
Your uncles have been living together for the last 15
years. When your grandfather finished teaching them
the family traditions, they had to make a very
important decision in their lives. And they decided to
live together. Like a couple. Like when your mom and
me decided to live together and have you."
"Dad, do they have a son like me?"
"No kiddo, they just live together, they can't have
kids. To make a boy like you, you have to be with a
woman. But, they decided not to have any kids and live
together. They love each other very much and they go
everywhere together. They go on trips and preteen nude lolita pictures work
together. They enjoy being with each other very much."
"Dad, do they do what we do, together?"
"Yes Mikey, they do it every time they can. Maybe more
than once a day."
"Dad, why haven't they visited us before?"
"Well Mikey, because they live very far away from
here. And today, they are coming here just to see how
much you have been growing, and to help me out with
some things."
"To help you out with the next lesson dad?
"Exactly Mikey. They are coming tonight to teach you
more things like the ones I've been teaching you til
this day. I'm sure your gonna like them very much, and
they are gonna stay to live here for a month. They are
construction workers where they live and they took
their vacations for this year to visit you. They both
have very muscular bodies, green eyes, hairy bodies
and they are very handsome men."
"Dad, and have you underaged girls lolita sites
played with their dicks?"
"Of course son, I've played with their dicks and their
bodies. I'm sure that you'll love them very much."As we where talking about them, the door bell rang and
it was them."Ok kiddo, it seems that they arrived earlier. Go
check the door. Go on. Go open the door for me."
"Ok dad!"He went running and stumbling with underage lolitas free site the furniture and
opened the door."Hi!"
"Hi kid, you must be little mikey, right?"
"Yes, I'm Mikey, you must be uncle Rod and Rick,
right?"They passed in and lifted Mikey in a big hard hug.
They kissed his cheeks, and walked towards me carrying
Mikey with their huge muscled arms."Hey guys! Nice to see ya again! You're looking
"Well Mike, we've been working hard at the gym,
especially since last year, when we new that little
Mikey was turning in to a teenager this year. We preteen nude lolita pictures
to be in excellent shape to great him on his 13th
birthday. Come on, give us a kiss bro!"We hugged and kissed a for a minute or two, and then,
we remembered what they were there for.... Mikey. Then
they stared at Mikey for a while and asked him to turn
around so that they could get a better look."Well guys, I see that you like what Mikey has been
growing into. I've been working hard at it, but, now I
need your help guys. Remember the third lesson?""Of course we do Mike, and we'll be glad to teach him,
just as Uncle Jessy and Ucle Tommy taught us when we
were 13. This Mikey is turning out to be a real stud,
he's very tall and handsome, we'll be glad to teach
him everything we know."So, we went to have dinner, I had bought some pizzas
and some beer so that we could get fast to the fun
part. We talked about each other and caught up on
things. flat chested lolita models By the time we finished dinner, we al felt so
close again and Mikey said he felt as if he had known
them all his life. We all laughed and ended up on the
TV room, drinking beer. Even Mikey had some, so that
he could get a little more relaxed for the new stuff.
Then, Rick said he had brought some movies and that he
would put them to play so that Mikey could see what
was going to happen in minutes with him. We were all
laughing about it, and Mikey was so excited to see."Ok son, lets see this movie and go on to the next
lesson."FAMILY CUMS FIRSTHe put the movie in the VCR, and when it started, we
all saw three older men playing with a little boy,
just about Mikey's age. The kid was sucking their
cocks and eating cum. Taking cocks up his tight ass
each at a time, until the boy sat on two cocks. Mikey
just stared at the scenes and when he saw the little
boy take two cocks up his ass and saw all that cum
drip from his ass hole, he said:"Wow! That looks so fun and hot. Am I gonna do all
that daddy?"
"Yep son, lets get a little more comfortable."We all started to take of our clothes, and then Rick
and Rod started kissing Mikey. On his mouth, on his
chest, on his stomach, then his ass. Mikey was going
wild, and breating so fast."Uncles, I love what your both doing! Wow!"Then I put my hard fat dick in Mikey's mouth. He
sucked like a eager little slut. Then we took turns,
and Mikey sucked all three of us. Rick and Rod were
very horny. Dripping a lot of precum. They had stopped
having sex for a month so that the would be packed
with cum for my kid. Three hard and throbbing cocks
rubbing on my sons body and mouth. Mikey couldn't take
all that, and said stared jerking off."No son! You can't do that. You have to cum with out
touching yourself. That's so that you can get to know
better your own body."
"Dad, I can't take it much longer, I'm very hot and I
need to cum, please dad, please..."
"No Mikey, it looks like you need your dad to stuff
your ass!!!"I lifted his legs, and while Rod was stuffing his
mouth and throat with his fat 10 incher, I was putting
all my 12 inches in my sons ass. He went wild. He
started sucking Rods cock making him cum. As soon as
he came in my sons mouth, he was replaced by Rick's
also 10 inch cock. Meanwhile, I was going crazy with
the scene that was going on in the room. Me and my
brothers fucking my son. And my sons cock dripping
precum like hell.Soon Rick came in Mikey's mouth too. And Mikey was
licking Rick's cock like a puppy. Then it was my turn
to cum. I came in my son's ass so much that I thought
I was gonna faint. I saw how some of my cum dripped
out of my sons ass hole."Dad! I want to cum now! Please dad! Let me touch
myself, please! You all came already and I want to cum
"No kiddo, be patient. It's not over yet. I just
filled your asshole with my load. Now, you're all
ready for the next part."Then, Rick and Rod laid on the floor and put their
cocks aligned like a big fat cock."Ok son, now, this is your next move. You're gonna sit
on your uncle's cocks. Your ass is gonna eat both
cocks at the same time. It's gonna hurt a little, but,
I have prepared your asshole for it. So don't worry,
and take your time to get them all in and enjoy envery
inch of it, ok son?""Oh daddy! I'm so hot right now that I need to sit on
one, no matter how much it hurts!"He sat on Rick and Ron's dicks together, and as soon
as both heads were in, he just left his ass go down on
my brothers' cocks. They just went in, in a sec! I was
all hard again. And my sons horniness was making him
act like an experienced bitch. He was just preteen lolita posing pictures sliding up
and down his uncles' cocks like as if he has riding a
horse. He looked do hot and it was making me so hot
too."Aaaahhh.....aaaahhhhh.....aaahhhhhh. Wow, this is making
me crazy! I can't stop doing this, it's so much fun.
I'm feeling so full of dick and so opened that I can't
stop dripping. I want to stay like this all night!
Dad, please help me pulling me up and pushing me douwn
on my uncles' cocks."So I gave him a hand and helped him go up and down on
Rick and Rod's dicks. His asshole looked so opened, so
big, so full of cock, and dripping my cum mixed with
Rick's and Rod's cum too. He was so excited that I was
feeling the need to cum again. I started jerking of in
front of him and my son pulled me so that he could
suck my cock while Rick and Rod fucked his ass. He
sucked so hard he just made me cum in no time. will young lolitas nude I
filled his mouth with my cum, he drained my balls. I
felt as if he wanted to take my cock all the way in to
his stomach. He was a good cock sucker. Soon Rick and
Rod came in his ass and their cum dripped out of his
hole like a broken milk bottle. They left their stiff
cocks in Mikey's ass till Mikey's fast breathing
turned into laud horny noises. He started to cum with
out touching himself, but he couldn't stop sliding up
and down my brothers' cocks. He was so horny and
wanted more and more.Then, Mikey stoped and my brothers got their cocks out
of his ass. He was all tired and They hugged him until
he went drunk and tired to sleep. We left him sleeping
on the tv room floor, and we went to have more fun in
my bed. We fucked and sucked each other, we remembered
old times. We drank more beer. We drank more cum. We
came in each other's ass. I just couldn't remember how
much fun was man sex, and especially with my brothers.
We finished all drenched in each other's cum, and fell
asleep hugging each other.
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